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Woman is putting on her Philips hearing aid. Philips HearLink comes in a range of hearing aid types.

Philips HearLink accessories and spare parts

Philips HearLink hearing aids come with a variety of accessories that help you to improve communication in many listening situations. Also, you can get spare parts – new domes, wax filters and tubes for your hearing aids and batteries for non-rechargeable hearing aids. You can buy all accessories and spare parts at the hearing center where you bought your hearing aids.

Philips AudioClip as a remote microphone

You can directly connect your hearing aids to your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® for convenient phone calls or music streaming. For connection to Android smartphones and tablets you need the Philips AudioClip as an intermediary device.

The Philips AudioClip also serves as a remote microphone to help you better hear one-to-one conversations in a particularly noisy environment or if you are listening to a speech from distance. The person speaking/talking to you only needs to place the device somewhere near their mouth. The microphones can pick up the voice which then is transferred to your hearing aids. The Philips AudioClip is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well as with Android smartphones.

Philips TV Adapter - Stream the sound directly to your hearing aids from your TV.

Philips TV Adapter to hear the sound directly in your hearing aids

Connect the Philips TV Adapter to your TV so you hear the sound from the TV directly in your hearing aids. This allows you to watch TV at your preferred volume.

Philips Remote Control

To turn the volume up and down on your hearing aids you can use the Philips HearLink app. In case you prefer using the Philips Remote Control we have this option as well.

Where do I buy the accessories and spare parts?

You can buy the accessories at hearing centers selling Philips hearing aids. Also, spare parts like new batteries, wax filters and domes can be bought at a hearing center.

What do the hearing aid accessories and spare parts cost?

Your Philips HearLink hearing care center can give you advice on what to buy and inform you on the cost of the appropriate accessories or spare parts. Please contact your hearing care specialist for more information. You can find contact information for nearest hearing center here.

Question mark – find frequently asked questions regarding your Philips HearLink hearing aids here.

How to use accessories or change spare parts

You might need some support in changing the dome, wax filter or the battery of your non-rechargeable hearing aid. Or maybe you need help to connect your hearing aids? Watch our how-to videos below or find more advice in our help and guidance page. If you need a replacement of your battery in your rechargeable hearing aid, please contact your hearing care specialist for help.

Man sitting on a couch looking on his iPad for Philips HearLink compatibility

How to use the Philips HearLink App

The app can be used to change hearing programs, find your hearing aids or as a remote control to adjust the volume or to activate streaming options. In our support section, you can find more information about how to use the Philips HearLink App and how to download it.

Philips HearLink family BTE with mfi badge

Philips HearLink behind-the-ear styles are Made for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® hearing aids and they are compatible with AndroidTM devices.