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Most common technical issues

Which Philips HearLink hearing aid do you need help with

Do you have questions about a topic not mentioned above? Choose your hearing aid style and go to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to find the answers.

You might have hearing loss if you find yourself straining to hear conversations in social situations like in a restaurant.

3 simple tips to get the best out of your hearing aids 

Follow these easy and simple tips to hear better in challenging listening situations:
  • We recommend that you use your hearing aids as much as possible.
  • During conversations, try to position yourself so that you can maintain eye contact.
  • Avoid background noise when possible.

3 simple tips to maximize the lifetime of your hearing aids

You can help maximize the lifetime of your hearing aids by taking good care of them. By following these three simple tips, you can keep your hearing aids working properly.

1. Avoid drops and knocks

Your hearing aids are built to be tough, but no electronics are indestructible. Have a soft surface underneath when you handle your hearing aids. This could prevent damage if you drop them. When you are not wearing your hearing aids, we recommend that you keep them safely in their case.

2. Keep the hearing aids clean and dry

It is important to keep your hearing aids clean. Wear gloves when cleaning your hearing aids. Please see here for more cleaning instructions. If your hearing aids are exposed to moisture or very humid conditions, place your hearing aids in a dry storage kit. Never use alternatives.

3. Avoid chemicals and extreme temperatures

Aftershave lotion, hairspray, sunscreen and perfume contain chemicals which can damage the plastic body of your hearing aids. Always remove your hearing aids before applying such products. Allow time for the product to dry before putting your hearing aids back on. Your hearing aids should never be exposed to extreme heat or cold. For example, never leave them in the glove compartment of your car.

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