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Middle-aged man using his smartphone and his Philips HearLink hearing aids to connect to friends by making a video call.

Connect to the world with Philips HearLink

SoundTie is the technology that connects Philips HearLink to the outside world. It provides intelligent interaction with smartphones and helps people to stay connected with friends and family from a distance. SoundTie also makes activities like watching TV easier and more enjoyable.

Philips HearLink miniRITE T R hearing aids next to a smartphone wit the Philips HearLink app open.

Philips HearLink hearing aids come with a variety of accessories and options.

  • Connect your phone calls directly to your hearing aid with your iPhone® or with your Android phone via the Philips AudioClip.
  • Stream music, movies and radio sound directly from your iPad®, iPhone, and iPod touch®, and from your TV via the Philips TV Adapter
  • Use the Philips HearLink app on your smartphone to control the volume, change your listening program, find your hearing aid, check your battery status and more.

Use the Philips HearLink app to easily control your hearing aids

With the Philips HearLink app you can easily and discreetly control your Philips HearLink hearing aids.

The smartphone becomes your remote control for changing listening programs, adjusting the volume, muting your hearing aids and activating streaming options. Here are some other helpful app functionalities.

  • Look at your hearing aid battery level or the connection status from your smartphone to your hearing aids.
  • Connect your hearing aids to other devices and web services via IFTTT.
  • With the "Find my hearing aids" function, you can track the location of your hearing aids.

Download your Philips HearLink app here:


Get connected with these accessories

You can connect your iPhone call directly to your hearing aids or calls from your Android phone via the Philips AudioClip.

SoundTie also allows you to stream music, TV and radio directly from your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, or from superior sound systems and TVs via the Philips TV Adapter.

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Frequently asked questions about connectivity

Do you have questions about how connectivity works with your Philips HearLink hearing aids? Browse through the frequently asked questions and find answers in the form of explanations, instructional videos or documents to download.

Philips HearLink are Made for iPhone hearing aids. Learn more about compatibility of Made for iPhone hearing aids and other accessories or the HearLink app.