Two middle-aged women hugging each other. One is wearing Philips HearLink miniRITE T hearing aids.

The convertible in-the-ear hearing aid style ITC

Philips HearLink in-the-canal in-the-ear hearing aid (ITC)

The ITC hearing aid offers many options for individualization including a Program Button and Volume Control. This hearing aid style is for mild to severe hearing losses. It is worn in the ear canal and is visibly discreet.

Core features

  • SoundMap Noise Control

    SoundMap Noise Control consists of directionality and noise reduction. It uses a twin-microphone noise estimation to clean the signal and ensure better access to speech information in noisy social environments.

  • SoundMap Amplification

    Once the signal is cleaned, it is transferred to SoundMap Amplification where compression takes place to ensure audibility of sound details. Here, an additional noise estimate is used to adapt the compression ratio to the noise level and better preserve speech information in noisy environments.

  • Binaural coordination

    Adjustments in volume, noise management and program changes made on one hearing instrument are automatically applied on the other device as well.

  • Extended Dynamic Range

    Allows a greater input signal range to be processed resulting in more clarity of loud sounds.

Choose your color and get what you need

The ITC hearing aid comes in a selection of colors to match your skin tone. You have different options to individualize your hearing aid with additional controls, for example a Program Button or Volume Control.

A hearing care professional is looking with an otoscope into the ear canal of a patient

How to know if you have a hearing loss

You can learn about the first signs of hearing loss and how the degree of hearing loss affects your hearing. To get more insights into different degrees of hearing loss visit our page understanding hearing loss.

A woman taking a hearing test at a hearing care clinic. An audiologist or hearing care specialist is conducting the test.

Contact a hearing care specialist

We can help you find your closest hearing care specialist who can provide you with Philips HearLink hearing aids and help support you after ownership.

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