Philips HearLink hearing aids for professionals

Pioneering a new era of AI sound technology

The latest Philips HearLink introduces AI sound technology to make speech clearer in noise. At its core, artificial intelligence is a powerful innovative technology because it builds its own knowledge by sensing its surroundings. Together with the new Speech Clarifier, more connectivity options, and many other updates, there's never been a smarter Philips Hearing Solution.

Discover our popular AI powered hearing aids

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Grandmother wearing Philips HearLink and baking cookies with her grandchild

A hearing aid to connect

Staying connected is fundamental to human beings. With hearing loss, one’s ability to understand speech is compromised and connecting to others is more difficult. Combining sound processing and connectivity technologies, Philips HearLink is designed to make speech clearer and help users connect to people and the world.

How Philips HearLink works

All Philips HearLink hearing aids make use of two key technologies - SoundMap and SoundTie.

SoundMap creates the sound of Philips HearLink and helps users to connect with people they see everyday. It amplifies voices and makes them clearer in difficult environments by reducing the noise. It also ensures that the sound details are audible.

SoundTie is the technology that connects Philips HearLink to the outside world. It makes activities like watching TV easier and more enjoyable. SoundTie also provides intelligent interaction with smartphones and helps people stay connected with friends and family from a distance.

Aunt wearing Philips HearLink and singing karaoke with her niece enjoying all the sounds of the music.

The new HiFi Music feature amplifies beats

Philips HearLink hearing instruments provide audibility not just to speech but also to diverse sounds in music with HiFi Music.

The new music rationale is free from the restrictions of a speech-optimized fitting rationale. It amplifies across a broader bandwidth and dynamic range to highlight the subtleties of music. Available in all XX30 series instruments.

Fitting for new connections

Philips HearLink hearing instruments are partnered by Philips HearSuite fitting software. HearSuite is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, to help professionals give users the highest levels of satisfaction.


Hearing care professional finding product information on Philips HearLink hearing aids.

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