Less distraction, more interaction

The new Philips HearLink technology in short

  • Unique AI sound technology removes noise efficiently to create a superb sound quality. SoundProtect works to clean the signal pathway from unwanted sounds.
  • New Speech Clarifier makes speech stand out in noisy environments.
  • One of the industry’s smartest domes with SoundTunnels improves sound quality and lowers the risk of feedback.
  • Improved connectivity options allow for direct streaming from iOS and Android devices.

SoundProtect works to clean the signal pathway from these unwanted sounds. Wind noise, which is a phenomenon that often occurs when hearing aids are used outside, is now elegantly reduced by SoundProtect. Sudden sounds, loud and quiet, are also taken care of. The result is a higher quality of signal for the partner AI Noise Reduction (AI-NR) and a cleaner sound for the user.


Two strategies can be employed to counter these noises. Wind noise is managed by careful analysis of the noise level in each microphone. SoundProtect can then select the microphone with the lowest noise level for each band and will adjust this selection over time, ensuring that the cleanest signal is allowed to reach the AI-NR. Transient noises are managed with a fast, effective gain reduction to minimize the impact of the transient noise on the AI-NR.

Maximizing intelligence, minimizing noise

The new Philips HearLink uses AI sound technology now with SoundProtect to further improve its signal quality in noise. Artificial intelligence in the noise reduction process has taught itself the optimal approaches to reduce noise. SoundProtect effectively and quickly reduces challenging noise sources delivering a cleaner signal to the AI sound processing. During a guided training phase, the knowledge is built up and validated. The intelligence in the AI-NR coordinates the noise reduction effect across its 24 frequency bands. This way AI-NR becomes more precise, more efficient and a more powerful system to make speech clearer in noise.


Even cleaner, even clearer

Philips HearLink complements the effect of directionality and noise reduction with Speech Clarifier. While directionality and noise reduction aim to preserve speech and attenuate noise, Speech Clarifier makes speech stand out in noise. SoundProtect ensures that less unwanted sound continues through the signal processing, disrupting the benefits of Speech Clarifier.


Small in appearance, great in impact

With the OpenBass dome, Sound Tunnels™ replace the flat holes we know from conventional open domes. This ensures high stability of the acoustical performance in individual ear canals. With this we lower the risk of feedback and improve overall sound quality.


Designed to make music sound incredible

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All good news in SoundMap 2 Plus

SoundMap 2 Plus continues to operate in 24 frequency bands with advanced directionality, designed to prioritize speech in noisy environments. Now it includes SoundProtect, improving the accuracy of the noise control, the amplification, and the feedback cancellation.

An illustration of SoundMap 2 Plus with Speech Clarifier, SoundProtect, AI-NR, and a feedback cancellation system is shown next to a Philips HearLink hearing aid.

New packaging with all Philips HearLink

Philips HearLink hearing aids now come with a new instrument case with many advantages:

  • handy storage case for hearing aids in a sleek and modern design
  • easy to open and close
  • storage case that can hold a pair of hearing aids, cleaning tool and cloth, and batteries.
Woman on a phone wearing Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aids

Our latest connectivity technology

SoundTie 2 technology allows users to comfortably connect and simply stay in touch with their loved ones and the wider world. It uses the latest generation of Bluetooth® Low Energy technology so that users can stream music, films, and calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices directly to their Philips HearLink hearing aids. The hands-free communication feature for iPhone and iPad further elevates the Philips HearLink hearing aids to a wireless earphone.

A mobile phone with Philips HearLink 2 app open is placed next to the app icon

New HearLink 2 app

Use the Philips HearLink 2 app to easily and discreetly control your Philips HearLink hearing aids. Your smartphone becomes your remote control for changing listening programs, adjusting the volume, muting your hearing aids and activating streaming options. Also, you can use the app to connect with your hearing care specialist to get your hearing aid settings adjusted remotely.

New Philips HearSuite software

The latest software now offers:

  • Support for SoundProtect Wind Noise Management, designed to reduce the impact of wind and handling noise when the hearing instrument is exposed to wind or touched.
  • Support for SoundProtect Transient Noise Management, to increase protection against unwanted sudden loud noise (very high and maximum settings available in Philips HearLink 9040)
  • Support for the new Connection Count feature in Philips HearLink 40. Connection Count displays data on the time the user is talking and in what environments to aid discussion with the client about positive hearing habits and their individual needs.
  • Notify Me, a verbal announcement that can be activated in the Philips HearLink 40 hearing aids, instead of the battery low indicator beep.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport, a new feature in Philips HearLink 40 hearing aids. The hearing aids can generate sounds for use in a tinnitus management program to help clients suffering from tinnitus.