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Woman is putting on her Philips hearing aid. Philips HearLink comes in a range of hearing aid types.

All you need to know to fit Philips HearLink

Philips HearLink is designed to overcome daily challenges of people with hearing loss. They help people to connect to what’s important to them.


Connecting to people

Connections to others are very important in life, particularly as people grow older. This is because social interaction is believed to be key to healthy aging. The technology inside Philips HearLink helps to relieve the strain of trying to keep up with conversation, by preserving speech, while attenuating noise, even in busy environments. This means Philips HearLink users are supported in their social interactions and can participate fully in life.

Middle-aged friends using a smartphone to connect to family and friends by making a video call

Connecting to the world

Philips HearLink is designed as a hearing instrument for the modern world. To help people keep in contact with distant friends and family and enjoy their favorite music and entertainment, Philips HearLink can connect to smart devices like phones, tablets and TVs. The method of connection is simple and efficient, so they can stay in touch with the wider world.

How Philips HearLink works

Philips HearLink makes use of two key technologies - SoundMap and SoundTie.

SoundMap creates the sound of Philips HearLink and helps users to connect with people they see everyday. It amplifies voices and makes them clearer in difficult environments by reducing the noise. It also ensures that the sound details are audible.

SoundTie is the technology that connects Philips HearLink to the outside world. It makes activities like watching TV easier and more enjoyable. SoundTie also provides intelligent interaction with smartphones and helps people stay connected with distant friends and family.


Fitting for new connections

Philips HearLink hearing instruments are partnered by Philips HearSuite fitting software. HearSuite is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, to help professionals give users the highest levels of satisfaction.

Hearing care professional finding product information on Philips HearLink hearing aids.

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