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Homem de meia idade a usar um smartphone e os seus aparelhos auditivos Philips HearLink para se ligar à família e amigos através de uma vídeo-chamada.

Connect to the world with Philips HearLink

SoundTie is the technology that connects Philips HearLink to the outside world. It provides intelligent interaction with smartphones and helps people to stay connected with friends and family from a distance. SoundTie also makes activities like watching TV easier and more enjoyable.

Amigos de meia idade a usar um smartphone para se ligarem à família e amigos através de uma vídeo-chamada.

Connect your hearing aids with your iOS device

  • Philips HearLink is a Made for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® hearing aid.
  • Connect the calls from your iPhone directly to your hearing aid.
  • Stream music, film and radio sound from your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch directly to your hearing aid.

Connect to your Android phone or tablet

Direct sound streaming from ASHA compatible Android smartphones and tablets is available for HearLink 9030, 7030, 5030 only. 

  • Connect the calls from your Android smartphone directly to your hearing aid.
  • Stream music, film and radio sound from your Android device directly to your hearing aid.

If you have another behind-the-ear hearing aid than the ones mentioned above, or a phone that is not ASHA compatible, you can stream from your Android phone using the Philips AudioClip (purchased separately).

Hands-free communication

With the new hands-free communication feature you can stream sounds directly from your iPhone and iPad to your Philips HearLink hearing aid and talk to your loved ones directly too. Great for when you are in the car or your hands are busy with other things. You no longer need to talk into your iPhone to be heard. Once you've answered the call with your phone, just start speaking and your hearing aid’s microphone will pick up your voice.

Easier with the HearLink app

With the Philips HearLink app you can easily and discreetly control your Philips HearLink hearing aids. Your smartphone becomes your remote control for changing listening programs, adjusting the volume, muting your hearing aids and activating streaming options. Here are some other helpful app functionalities.

  • Look at your hearing aid battery level or the connection status from your smartphone to your hearing aids.
  • Connect your hearing aids to other devices and web services via IFTTT.
  • With the "Find my hearing aids" function, you can track the location of your hearing aids.

Download your Philips HearLink app here:


Get connected with these accessories

You can connect your iPhone® call directly to your hearing aids or calls from your Android phone via the Philips AudioClip.

SoundTie also allows you to stream music, TV and radio directly from your iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®, or from superior sound systems and TVs via the Philips TV Adapter.

Philips AudioClip as a remote microphone

The Philips AudioClip serves as a remote microphone to help you better hear one-to-one conversations in a particularly noisy environment or if you are listening to someone speaking from a distance. The person speaking only needs to place the device somewhere near their mouth. The microphones can pick up the voice which then is transferred to your hearing aids.

You can also use the Philips AudioClip to make hands-free phone calls via your iPhone®  or Android smartphone. See full list of compatible devices.

Philips TV Adapter to hear the sound directly in your hearing aids

Connect the Philips TV Adapter to your TV so you hear the sound from the TV directly in your hearing aids. This allows you to watch TV at your preferred volume.

Philips Remote Control

To turn the volume up and down on your hearing aids you can use the Philips HearLink app. In case you prefer using the Philips Remote Control we have this option as well.

Philips HearLink are Made for iPhone® hearing aids. Learn more about compatibility of Made for iPhone® hearing aids and other accessories or the HearLink app.