Benefits of treating hearing loss

Communicate with confidence

Animation of a man wearing Philips Hearlink hearing aids doing a presentation at work

You might be afraid of being teased for wearing a hearing aid, but in fact, wearing a hearing aid is much less noticeable than not being able to hear.*

See how better hearing can help you communicate with confidence in this video.

Enjoy the things you love

Spending time with our loved ones or on our hobbies can impact our lives positively. It is worth it to spend time treating hearing loss to hear better, so we have more energy to do what we love.

Learn more in this video.

Animation of an older man wearing hearing aids watering yellow plants with his grandchild

Wearing the style that fits best

Animation of a woman holding a small black charger for Philips HearLink

Philips HearLink hearing aids come in various styles that are smaller and more discreet than people may think. By choosing the hearing aid style that fits you best, you can start to enjoy the benefits of good hearing your way.

Watch the video to learn just how small the hearing aids are.

Woman on a phone wearing Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aids

Hearing loss myths

Can you decipher the facts about hearing loss and hearing aids from the myths? Take this quiz to find out!

Man sitting on a couch checking his hearing with the online hearing test

Have your ever tested your hearing?

Try our online hearing test. It's free and only takes a few minutes.

Contact a hearing care specialist

We can help you find your closest hearing care specialist who can provide you with Philips HearLink hearing aids.