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A group of five adults and seniors, including a man and woman wearing Philips HearLink hearing aids sit on a couch playing Jenga together on a large coffee table

Hear clearly, enjoy fully


Groundbreaking AI sound technology

  • The AI Noise Reduction technology allows you to hear speech clearly, and easily, even in noisy and busy environments.
  • The new SoundProtect feature can quickly detect, identify and reduce a wide range of unwanted/irritating sounds including wind noise, handling noise and transient noise.
  • A Full day of hearing after just 3.5 hours of charging, saves you time and money from changing batteries. Easier for you, better for the planet.
  • The hands-free communication feature streams sounds directly to and from your iPhone and iPad.
  • A HiFi Music feature further enriches the listening quality, amplifying music beats to intensify the sounds.

Stay connected when it matters most

Socializing and staying connected now becomes easier with groundbreaking AI sound technology in Philips HearLink. These hearing aids use artificial intelligence to make speech clearer in noise so you can focus on hearing and enjoying life’s meaningful moments.

Easier for you, better for the planet

Our newest Philips HearLink hearing aids are rechargeable. It takes up to 3.5 hours to fully recharge the miniRITE T R and miniBTE T R hearing aids for full day of hearing. Not having to change and dispose your batteries will save you time and money. It's easy and convenient for you and good for the planet.


Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aids in the portable Charger Plus placed on a wooden table, with a magazine, glasses and yellow plant pot

Easy to use portable charger

Small and simple to pack, the new Charger Plus MNR T R and MNB T R supports an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Once the integrated internal battery is charged, the portable charger provides three full charges of the HearLink miniRITE T R and miniBTE T R.

You can buy the portable travel charger where you bought your Philips HearLink.

Woman on a phone wearing Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aids

Connect to the world with Philips HearLink

SoundTie 2 technology allows users to comfortably connect and simply stay in touch with their loved ones and the wider world. The users can stream music, films, and calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android™ devices directly to their Philips HearLink hearing aids using the latest generation of Bluetooth® low energy technology.

A mobile phone with Philips HearLink 2 app open is placed next to the app icon

New HearLink 2 app

Use the Philips HearLink 2 app to easily and discreetly control your Philips HearLink hearing aids. Your smartphone becomes your remote control for changing listening programs, adjusting the volume, muting your hearing aids and activating streaming options. Also, you can use the app to connect with your hearing care specialist to get your hearing aid settings adjusted remotely.


Maximizing intelligence, minimizing noise

The new Philips HearLink uses groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) sound technology for noise reduction and makes it easier to hear speech clearly in noisy and busy environments. The new SoundProtect feature can quickly detect and reduce a wide range of unwanted/irritating sounds including wind noise, handling noise and transient noise. Improved connectivity options allow for direct streaming from iOS and Android™ devices.

Woman wearing Philips HearLink hearing aids receives a blue flower from her grandson as a gift in a flower market

More than just speech, amplifies beats

Hearing aids are good at making speech sounds audible. The HiFi Music feature does the same for music and the subtle rhythms in our favorite songs.

Essentially, it amplifies beats to intensify the sounds you hear and make music feel incredible. The feature is available on our miniRITE T, miniRITE T R, miniBTE T and miniBTE T R hearing aids.

Philips HearLink comes in a range of styles and colors

Everyone’s hearing loss is different, and our hearing aids are customized to best fit your personal needs and preferences.

Man sitting on a couch checking his hearing with the online hearing test

Check your hearing

Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves? Do you have to turn up the TV volume?

With our free online hearing test we can give you a quick indication if you might have a hearing loss. This can be the important first step for you to improve your hearing.

A man at a consultation at a hearing care specialist or an audiologist

Contact a hearing care specialist

We can help you find your closest hearing care specialist who can provide you with Philips HearLink hearing aids.