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A granddaughter holds a teddy bear while sitting on the back of her grandfather who wears Philips HearLink hearing aids. Her mother also reaches out to hold her daughter.

Philips HearLink Connecting generations

Man sitting on a couch checking his hearing with the online hearing test

Help take the online hearing test​

The first step to better hearing can be our online hearing test. If it shows that your loved one might have a hearing loss it can be easier to get them to a hearing care specialist for a thorough examination.​


Ever wondered what hearing loss might sound like?

Our hearing loss simulator lets you experience different sounds with different degrees of high frequency hearing loss. High frequency hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss.


User experience

Your support can mean the world

When your loved ones can hear better, they can understand you better. They can hear your words and truly appreciate your range of expressions and tones. Hearing can become an issue with age, but it shouldn’t be an issue that keeps us from connecting.

Support your loved ones

  • in getting their hearing tested
  • in going to the hearing care specialist and
  • in using their new hearing aids.

Your support is essential for the process, because research shows people are more likely to get hearing aids if they are not going to the hearing care specialist alone. Also, people are more likely to use their hearing aids if someone close to them supports them in the adaptation period.*

Philips HearLink comes in a range of styles and colors

Everyone’s hearing loss is different, and our hearing aids are customized to best fit your personal needs and preferences.

A man at a consultation at a hearing care specialist or an audiologist

Contact a hearing care specialist

Find the closest hearing care specialist to book an appointment for your loved one. Remember the importance of you being there too.​