New Philips hearing aids with AI help you hear speech clearly

December 04, 2020

Welcome to a new era of sound technology. The new Philips HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology say goodbye to set rules, and usher in a new ‘learned’ way to help you hear clearly. This new and highly effective technology for sound processing makes speech clearer, so that you can en-joy connecting to life and the people around you.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 4th December, 2020 - Demant, brand licensee of Philips, is pleased to introduce the next generation of Philips hearing aids. The new Philips HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology, elevate speech understanding to a new level, and with clear speech, engaging in conversations is easier and more enjoyable. The new Philips HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology embrace a significant change in hearing aid technology to help you make the connections with friends, all generations of family, and colleagues, which are essential for living positively and actively.

Philips hearing aids help you to connect to the people around you

The new application of artificial intelligence in the Philips HearLink hearing aid to process sound and make speech clearer, even in noise, is a momentous leap in hearing aid technology. No longer held back by the fixed rules of digital sound technology, Philips HearLink hearing aids have been upgrad-ed with AI sound technology that learns from trial and error, and that has built its own knowledge of how to process sounds, in particular, how to make speech clearer in noise. Now, your hearing aids can work much better in real-life. Philips HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology act more effectively in everyday situations and are much more flexible when there is a lot of sound all at once, making it more enjoyable for you to connect to people, no matter what is happening around you.

Philips hearing aids team up with modern devices so that you can connect to the world

Philips HearLink hearing aids let you connect with the devices you use every day. Thanks to dual-core 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy technology you can create a direct link to your iPhone® or modern Android smartphone* to stream high quality phone calls, video chat audio and music. You can listen and connect regardless of distance. You can also connect directly with your TV, and even interact with smart devices.

“AI sound technology is now responsible for the main function performed in the Philips HearLink hearing aids to make speech clear, including in noise. So, even when listening is normally difficult, such as on the noisy playground or a at busy café, you can enjoy the pleasure of easy conversation,” said Søren Skjærbæk, Vice President, Philips Hearing Solutions at Demant, brand licensee of Philips. “It is essential for your well-being and overall happiness to stay socially active, to connect with your loved ones and to be able to thrive in the workplace. Having a truly advanced hearing aid helping you to engage and be involved, supports you to do all of these things. You can now enjoy a seamless hearing experience wherever you are and whatever you are listening to.”

For further information about the new Philips HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology, please visit: The new Philips hearing aids will be made available from mid-December. Local availability will vary. Please check your local Philips hearing solutions website or via your local Philips Hearing Solutions contact.


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Grandmother wearing Philips HearLink and baking cookies with her grandchild
Grandmother wearing Philips HearLink and baking cookies with her grandchild