More freedom to roam and connect from Philips Hearing Solutions

August 13, 2021


  • A new travel charger is launched to help people with hearing loss lead an on-the-go lifestyle.
  • The pioneering AI sound technology by Philips Hearing Solutions, which makes speech clearer and more prominent in noise to help people connect in noisy environments, is now available in more Philips HearLink hearing aids.


Copenhagen, Denmark, 13th August, 2021 - Philips Hearing Solutions is dedicated to supporting people with hearing loss to stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, technology and the world. Now, design-centric Philips Hearing Solutions is also recognising that the modern lifestyle often demands time and distance that can make it difficult for hearing aid users to keep on top of their hearing aid’s power requirements. Introducing the new anytime, anywhere travel charger designed to give users the freedom to roam and be busy without a concern for power for three full days.

The new portable travel charger lets users of the most popular Philips HearLink style* be independent from mains power for longer. The easy-to-use charger features an integrated internal battery which provides users access to enough power to charge their hearing aids three full times while on-the-go. Furthermore, it is designed to be both compact and practical, making it easy to pack for travelling while providing a convenient, protective all-in-one storage solution for hearing aids.

In addition to launching a new hearing aid accessory for its users, Philips Hearing Solutions is also introducing its pioneering AI sound technology into the non-rechargeable style**. Now, even more users will be able to enjoy the listening benefits and enriched interactions that AI sound technology delivers. Thanks to clear speech that stands out in noise, AI sound technology from Philips Hearing Solutions makes face-to-face conversation easier and more enjoyable. So, whether it’s catching up with friends and family, discussing work with colleagues, or simply enjoying casual small talk, more people with hearing loss can now create the important, positive connections that make their lives better.

Modern technology that we surround ourselves with everyday helps us to stay in touch with the world. Bluetooth enabled Philips HearLink hearing aids offer direct streaming from both iOS and Android™ devices***. Users can connect calls from their smartphone directly to their hearing aids and stream music, film, radio and video conferencing calls from their mobile devices. With a new HiFi Music feature also added, Music lovers can now also benefit from enriched music sound. Whether live or direct streaming, Philips HearLink**** users can hear subtleties of music that hearing instruments often fail to provide.

“Philips has been improving people’s lives with ground-breaking innovations for over a century, says Søren Skjærbæk, VP, Brand Management, Demant, brand licensee of Philips hearing aids. “Continuing the holistic approach to healthcare that Philips is renowned for, Philips Hearing Solutions is developing the HearLink hearing aid series to support more users and meet the demands of modern life. Consistently improving the sound performance and functionality provided by Philips HearLink hearing aids ensures users are delivered the most up-to-date hearing experience, so that they can enjoy the important connections that enable them to fully immerse in life.”

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Philips Hearing Solutions portable charger to charge your hearing aids anywhere
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