Philips HearLink users can now enjoy the ease of hands-free communication

February 14, 2022

With Philips HearLink, users can now listen and chat hands-free on their iPhone and iPad*. Also, the Philips HearLink product family has expanded. People with moderately severe hearing loss can now enjoy all of the benefits of AI sound technology pioneered by Phillips Hearing Solutions and modern connectivity, which together help users of Philips HearLink to create and maintain connections.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 14 February, 2022 – Demant, brand licensee of Philips, is pleased to announce that Philips HearLink hearing aids** can now be used as a wireless headset for phone and video calls on iPhone and iPad, making it much easier for users to communicate hands-free. Also, the Philips HearLink product family has been expanded to include more styles, so more people can now benefit from this new feature, as well as the pioneering AI sound technology by Philips Hearing Solutions.

New bi-directional streaming for iPhone and iPad

Philips HearLink hearing aids now offer hands-free communication, thanks to Apple’s support for bi-directional hearing aids. Users can simply answer a call on their iPhone or iPad, and the microphone in their Philips HearLink will pick up their voice for a seamless connected experience. In addition to hands-free phone and video calls, users can also stream audio including high quality music amplified by the HiFi Music feature, movies, or calls directly to their hearing aids from iOS and Android devices.

More people can hear and connect comfortably

With HearLink miniRITE T R 9030, 7030 and 5030 (the intelligent rechargeable), Philips Hearing Solutions pioneered AI sound technology which made speech much clearer, so that it even stands out in noise, allowing users to immerse in conversation comfortably and confidently. This, coupled with technology which improves sound quality and reduces risk of feedback, enables Philips HearLink users to truly enjoy connecting with the people in their lives. Now, with the launch of the new miniBTE T (the robust) and miniBTE T R (the robust rechargeable) hearing aids, people with moderately severe hearing loss can also enjoy the benefits of the smartest Philips hearing solutions.

“Hearing loss compromises the ability to understand speech, making it more difficult to connect to others,” says Søren Skjærbæk, VP, Philips Hearing Solutions, Demant, brand licensee of Philips hearing aids. “Staying connected is fundamental to human beings on many levels, which is why overcoming the communication barriers that hearing loss creates is of utmost importance when designing Philips HearLink hearing aids. Continuing the Philips brand tradition of meaningful innovation that matters to people, Philips Hearing Solutions provides hearing devices which enrich the lives of people with hearing loss. With groundbreaking AI sound technology and hi-tech connectivity, Philips HearLink hearing aids make speech clearer so that users can hear better, giving them the confidence to connect with people near and far and share memorable experiences with people of all ages. With the new hands-free communication feature this is made even easier, and the new styles, which complete the Philips HearLink family, means that even more people with hearing loss can be supported in creating the connections that lead to a more fulfilled life.”

Finding it harder to take part in conversation and not hearing important sounds are early signs of hearing loss which can make it hard for people to stay connected with people and the world. In fact, experiencing hearing loss can have a real impact on a person’s life. Billions of people around the world are affected - 1.5 billion according to the World Health Organisation1 - and aging can speed up the degeneration of hearing ability. The World Health Organisation also reports that over 65% of adults over the age of 60 experience some degree of hearing loss, which can create a communication barrier between generations. With technological advances consistently improving the hearing experience with hearing aids, and partnerships with modern technology making connecting easier and more convenient, people can overcome the communication barriers of hearing loss. The Philips HearLink hearing aid family has been designed to help do just that.

Power up a mobile lifestyle with the Charger Plus portable charging solution

Philips Hearing Solutions offers a portable charging solution for on-the-go users of HearLink rechargeable styles. Charger Plus is now also available for the new HearLink miniBTE T R. The travel charger, which adds to the existing Desk Charger, features an internal battery which fully charges HearLink rechargeable style hearing aids three times, each charge providing power for a whole day. For users that enjoy a mobile lifestyle, that’s three days of freedom away from a power source.

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