Philips Hearing Solutions launch hearing aids with AI sound technology and SoundProtect

Copenhagen, Denmark
February 14, 2023

New additions to the Philips HearLink family enable seamless connections and great conversations. Powered by the new SoundProtect feature, which aims to deliver irritation-free sound, the new Philips HearLink hearing aids give users a companion in their hearing journey that delivers a seamless listening experience, so they can create connections with people and the world around them. The new hearing aids also enable hands-free calls with compatible iOS devices, and direct streaming with modern devices.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 14 February 2023 – Philips Hearing Solutions, a brand of Demant, and brand licensee of Philips, is pleased to announce that the Philips HearLink hearing aid portfolio is expanding once again. The new range of hearing aids feature pioneering AI sound technology, which is now supported by SoundProtect, a feature that minimizes wind noise, handling noise, and transient sounds, and maximizes sound processing intelligence. The new SoundProtect creates fewer distractions and more interactions for the user, which supports our desire to enable people with hearing loss to hear confidently and create meaningful connections.

The new range of receiver-in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids are available in a rechargeable and non-rechargeable option,* and all models include 2.4 GHz wireless Bluetooth® connectivity, enabling users to stream music, films, and calls from iOS and Android™ devices directly to their hearing aids.** They also support hands-free communication for iPhone and iPad,*** which transforms the hearing aid into a wireless headset, so that users can take calls and keep their hands free for other important tasks.

Together with the new Philips HearLink release, Philips Hearing Solutions is also launching Philips HearLink 2, which conveniently combines remote control and remote fitting in one user-friendly app. HearLink 2 will enable users to adjust their listening preferences, find their hearing aids if they become lost, receive remote counselling from their hearing care specialist when needed, and much more.

In addition, as a growing number of consumers understand the value of sustainable choices, Philips Hearing Solutions has been pushing more responsible manufacturing initiatives forward, with the aim of using less and re-using more. This includes using at least 50% recycled plastic in the hearing aid and charger packaging, avoiding the use of hazardous substances by shifting from PVC to more environmentally friendly plastic, and optimizing energy efficiency in the charging system by 2024.

Søren Skjærbæk, Vice President, Brand Management, Philips Hearing Solutions comments. “At Philips Hearing Solutions, we want to connect users to people, themselves, and the world around them, which is fundamental for their well-being. The new HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology and SoundProtect are no exception. They enhance the overall wearing experience and help users create more seamless connections by delivering irritation-free sound, clean and clear speech, and wireless connectivity to modern devices. Together, these powerful innovations provide users with a companion that delivers a more seamless listening experience.”

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A granddaughter holds a teddy bear while sitting on the back of her grandfather who wears Philips HearLink hearing aids. Her mother also reaches out to hold her daughter.
Grandfather with Philips HearLink hearing aids and his daughter celebrate his granddaughter's birthday with cake, balloons and gifts.