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Man wears Philips HearLink rechargeable miniRITE T R hearing aids while arranging oranges in his sustainable farmer's market stand

Pioneering the era of AI sound technology

Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aid in the mini behind the ear telecoil style also called miniBTE T R placed on a blue background with AI sound technology sound rings

The new Philips HearLink technology in short

  • Unique AI sound technology removes noise efficiently to create a superb sound quality.
  • New Speech Clarifier makes speech stand out in noisy environments.
  • One of the industry’s smartest domes with SoundTunnels™ improves sound quality and lowers the risk of feedback.
  • Improved connectivity options allow for direct streaming from iOS and Android devices.

Maximizing intelligence, minimizing noise

AI systems are not told how to perform a task, they learn it themselves. During a guided training phase, the knowledge is built up and validated. The intelligence in the new AI-NR coordinates the noise reduction effect across its 24 frequency bands. This way AI-NR becomes more precise, more efficient and a more powerful system to make speech clearer in noise.

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More speech, even more clarity

We introduce Speech Clarifier to complement the effect of directionality and noise reduction. While directionality and noise reduction aim to preserve speech and attenuate noise, Speech Clarifier makes speech stand out in noise.


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Small in appearance, great in impact

With the new OpenBass dome, Sound Tunnels™ replace the flat holes we know from conventional open domes. This ensures high stability of the acoustical performance in individual ear canals. With this we lower the risk of feedback and improve overall sound quality.


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Designed to make music sound incredible

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All good news in SoundMap 2

Groundbreaking AI Noise Reduction, unique Speech Clarifier, and the new OpenBass dome with SoundTunnels™ all contribute to the elevated sound quality of the new Philips HearLink and are all part of the updated SoundMap 2 core technology. SoundMap 2 now also operates in 24 frequency bands, improving the accuracy overall of the noise control, the amplification and the feedback cancellation.

The architecture of SoundMap 2 technology – Philips HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology.
Philips HearLink hearing aids packaging

New packaging with all Philips HearLink

Philips HearLink hearing aids now come with a new instrument case with many advantages:

  • handy storage case for hearing aids in a sleek and modern design
  • easy to open and close
  • storage case that can hold a pair of hearing aids, cleaning tool and cloth, and batteries.

New improved connectivity technology

SoundTie 2 uses the latest generation of Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to directly connect Philips HearLink to iOS and Android devices. In the updated Philips HearLink app, users can now adjust the tonality of streamed sounds.

Man wearing Philips HearLink hearing aids in a counselling session with a female hearing care specialist, learning to use the Philips HearLink app

New Philips HearSuite software

The latest software now offers:

  • support for the new HearLink x030 IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE HS and ITE FS custom styles
  • support for the new HearLink x000 hearing instrument family
  • additional measurement levels in Real Ear Fit, allowing for a more accurate and optimal fitting
  • transfer of targets from HearSuite into other real ear measurement (REM) systems, optimizing the fitting and enhancing the overall experience for the client
  • transfer of client and instrument data to Verifit1 or Verifit2, streamlining data entry and verification of the fitting