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A granddaughter holds a teddy bear while sitting on the back of her grandfather who wears Philips HearLink hearing aids. Her mother also reaches out to hold her daughter.

Philips HearLink hearing aids for professionals

A light blue chip illustration with AI Artificial Intelligence sound technology written on it is placed on a blue background

Introducing a winning combination

The new Philips HearLink uses AI sound technology now with SoundProtect to further improve its signal quality in noise. Artificial intelligence in the noise reduction process has taught itself the optimal approaches to reduce noise. SoundProtect effectively and quickly reduces challenging noise sources delivering a cleaner signal to the AI sound processing.

Discover our popular AI powered hearing aids

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A group of five adults and seniors, including a man and woman wearing Philips HearLink hearing aids sit on a couch playing Jenga together on a large coffee table

A hearing aid to connect

Staying connected is fundamental to human beings. With hearing loss, one’s ability to understand speech is compromised and connecting to others is more difficult. Combining sound processing and connectivity technologies, Philips HearLink is designed to make speech clearer and help users connect to people and the world.

How Philips HearLink works

All Philips HearLink hearing aids make use of two key technologies - SoundMap and SoundTie.

SoundMap creates the sound of Philips HearLink and helps users to connect with people they see everyday. It amplifies voices and makes them clearer in difficult environments by reducing the noise. It also ensures that the sound details are audible.

SoundTie is the technology that connects Philips HearLink to the outside world. It makes activities like watching TV easier and more enjoyable. SoundTie also provides intelligent interaction with smartphones and helps people stay connected with friends and family from a distance.

Fitting for new connections

Philips HearLink hearing instruments are partnered by Philips HearSuite fitting software. HearSuite is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, to help professionals give users the highest levels of satisfaction.


Hearing care professional in an online Remote Fitting session with a Philips HearLink user.

Do the second fitting online

Philips Remote Fitting helps you provide online support at the right time, in the right place. Simply schedule online counseling with your clients to adjust and fine-tune their Philips HearLink in real-time.

Hearing care professional finding product information on Philips HearLink hearing aids.

Access all available product information

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