Philips HearLink miniRITE T R hearing aids next to a smartphone wit the Philips HearLink app open.

Get connected with Philips HearLink

Easier with the HearLink app

With the Philips HearLink app you can easily and discreetly control your Philips HearLink hearing aids. Your smartphone becomes your remote control for changing listening programs, adjusting the volume, muting your hearing aids and activating streaming options.

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Woman on a phone wearing Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aids

Connectivity FAQ

Do you need help with connecting your hearing aids to the app or other accessories?

Compatibility of HearLink hearing aids

Philips HearLink behind-the-ear styles are Made for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® hearing aids and they are compatible with AndroidTM devices*.

Connectivity accessories

Woman talking on the phone helping a customer with her hearing aids.

Contact us

If you need more information on how to connect your hearing aids to your world or if you have additional questions about our products, please contact us and we will help you.