AI-powered, person-centered hearing technology

Philips HearLink 50, our latest hearing aid innovation, takes our AI-powered SoundMap technology even further, putting your clients in the center, so they can connect to themselves and what they love.


Exceptional access to clean, clear speech

Powered by advanced sound technology, including the new SoundGuide feature, SoundMap 3 provides continuous, even more optimal speech-in-noise performance. SoundMap 3 uses AI Noise Reduction (AR-NR) and advanced directionality to carefully remove noise and prioritize speech in noisy environments, so your clients can connect to what they love at every moment.



Puts your clients in the center

SoundGuide, the latest feature in SoundMap 3, puts your clients in the center, so they can connect with confidence. By using motion sensing technology to detect whether they are walking on a noisy street, sitting down with a loved one over coffee, or out and about with a group of friends, speech and other important sounds are now clearer than ever.


Less distraction, more interaction

Even with the advanced capabilities of AI-NR, some sounds still provide an obstacle for hearing aid users. SoundProtect carefully removes unwanted, irritating sounds such as wind noise and transient noise, helping your client to enjoy more seamless connections.

Dive deeper into SoundMap 3 technology

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    Premium sound quality and even more streaming options

    SoundTie 3 helps your clients connect to their loved ones, favorite TV series, movies, and music seamlessly. Featuring the latest Bluetooth® low energy technology, LE Audio, SoundTie 3 expands the connectivity options between your client’s hearing aids and their smart devices.

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    Make hands-free calls on more devices

    Make hands-free calls on iPhone, iPad and now Android™ devices and Windows PCs with LE Audio. Volume can be controlled and calls can be answered from the hearing aids.


Help your clients connect to what they love

HearLink 50 hearing aids are built on powerful technology that puts them in the center, so they can connect to what they love with ease.