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Hearing care professional in an online Remote Fitting session with a Philips HearLink user.

Philips Remote Fitting

Now you can conduct online hearing aid adjustments and counseling for your clients with Philips Remote Fitting.

Philips hearing aid user connecting to a Remote Fitting appointment via his smartphone.

With Philips Remote Fitting you can:

  • do online follow-ups with your clients
  • make hearing aid adjustments in real-time, just as if your client is sitting in your clinic
  • offer extra online counseling or support
  • save traveling time for clients
  • help those clients for whom getting into the clinic can be a challenge.

Easy and convenient for you and your clients

  • ph_phone_calls_icon_w_120x120

    Video call

    You can do the session as a video call and see each other.

  • ph_video_calls_icon_w_120x120

    Phone call

    You can do a phone call via the app, if your client prefers to have the camera switched off.

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    Text messages

    You can write messages to each other in the chat function.


Philips Remote Fitting Administration Portal

To start using Remote Fitting, you must first register your business and your employees on the Philips Remote Fitting Administration Portal. Contact your local Philips sales representative to get access.

Before starting a Remote Fitting session

Please have the following in place:

  • HearSuite 2022.2 or any later version installed
  • a Remote Fitting account (contact your local Philips Hearing Solutions sales representative)
  • camera in the computer or external
  • microphone and speaker or headset
  • stable Internet connection; minimum speed 1/1 Mbit/s is recommended (check with the Internet service provider if in doubt)
  • the hearing aids to be fitted feature 2.4 GHz BLE technology.

To be eligible for a Remote Fitting session, the client must:

  • be over 18 years old
  • have a smartphone or tablet – see list of compatible devices here
  • be familiar with their mobile device (e.g., know how to use apps, email, and how to connect to Wi-Fi and activate Bluetooth®)
  • have a stable Internet connection; minimum speed 1/1 Mbit/s is recommended
  • have the HearLink 2 app installed on a compatible device.

In the Philips Remote Fitting Guide you can see all the requirements, how to get access to the administration portal and see a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a Remote Fitting session.


Help your clients get ready for a Remote Fitting session

To get started with Remote Fitting, your clients need to download the Philips HearLink 2 app and follow the instructions. Within only a few steps they will be ready for the online session. You can help them by providing the link to our Remote Fitting support page for hearing aid users. Here, they can find download links and instructions on how to get ready for a Remote Fitting session.

Starting and conducting a session

Ending a session