Grandmother wearing Philips HearLink and baking cookies with her grandchild

Philips HearLink Connecting generations

Two women talking together. Philips Hearing Solutions help you hear better, for you to connect better to others.

Do you want to know more about hearing and hearing loss?

Hearing is an important human sense for communicating and connecting with others. When you have trouble with your hearing, your social lives can be affected and so can your health. With age you can have trouble hearing, but you can get help with hearing aids.

Woman putting her rechargeable Philips Hearlink hearing aids in the charger.

Philips rechargeable hearing aids

Easier for you, better for the planet. With Philips rechargeable hearing aids you have no battery change or disposal. With only 3 hours of charging you can enjoy a full day of hearing. These convenient, simple and robust hearing aid solutions also allow connectivity to smart devices.

Overview of all Philips HearLink hearing aids. Behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids.

Philips HearLink comes in a range of styles and colors

Everyone’s hearing loss is different, and our hearing aids are customized to best fit your personal needs and preferences.

Man sitting on a couch checking his hearing with the online hearing test

Check your hearing

Would you like to learn more about your hearing ability? Within five minutes we can give you an idea of how well you hear.

Are you a hearing care professional?

Find material and more information on the Philips HearLink technology and the Philips HearSuite fitting software in our section for professionals.

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